Top English Speaking Countries in Europe 2024 (2024)

Europe is on the list of every traveller! With history, stunning landscapes, breathtaking architecture, and diverse cultures, Europe offers experiences that last a lifetime.

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Apart from cultural immersion, Europe offers tons of educational and career opportunities. Europe is one of the largest hosts of international students, receiving over a million students yearly. If you plan to study or work in Europe, you’re on the right track!

One of the most important barriers when it comes to moving abroad is Language! The good news is there are tons of English speaking countries in Europe.

English is one of the dominant languages worldwide, and the same is true for European countries such as Germany, Sweden, Ireland and the Netherlands.

Fun fact: English is a West Germanic language that originated in England!

In this blog, we’ll explore the top 10 English speaking countries in Europe and the interesting range of opportunities they offer in terms of education and career.

Let’s begin!

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List of English Speaking Countries in Europe 2024

Every region os Europe has it’s own official language. But due to Europe’s active global involvement in providing international education, and career opportunities for people from all over the world, English is one of the primary languages.

Recently, EF English Proficiency Index released a list of 113 countries, ranking them based on their English proficiency. Undoubtedly, European countries dominated the list of top 50, with most of them ranking under top 10.

Below is a list of best English speaking countries in Europe!

The Netherlands

The Netherlands has been placed at the top of the list by the EF English Proficiency Index 2023 for a reason! 90-93% of the Dutch can speak excellent English, making blending in with the locals incredibly easy.

The Netherlands has a thriving economy and is home to many Multinational companies. The Netherlands is also a picturesque country, attracting thousands of tourists every year. Undeniably, these factors have influenced the English language proficiency of the Dutch.


Austria lies at the heart of Europe and is known for the incredible quality of life it offers. The country has historic castles, majestic palaces, and splendid gardens. Though German is the country’s national language, Austrians speak fluent English.

Austrians learn English as early as in school, making it one of the best English speaking countries in Europe.


Denmark is a part of the Scandinavian region of Europe, and full of scenic beauty! Over 86% of Denmark’s population can speak English, therefore, it’s easy to live in Denmark as an international student or traveller.

Denmark has one of the strongest economies in the world, and it’s education system has an international reputation. Known for it’s innovation and open, art-of-state research facilities, Denmark is truly a country that has it all.


Norway, is known for its natural beauty. The official language of Norway is Norwegian, however, they still use English as their second language, which is why it makes it to our list of best English speaking countries in Europe!

Norway welcomes students and tourists from all over the world, and naturally has over 4 million English speakers! The country is bustling with career opportunities for foreigners.


Sweden stands as one of the world’s most picturesque countries, and is full of scenic beauty and friendly wildlife. Sweden is a tourist hub, but is also especially for it’s thriving global community and education system.

Sweden is increasingly connected with the world through businesses and education. As an influence Sweden’s population have an excellent English proficiency, and was ranked 6 (out of 113 countries in the world) by EF EPI 2023.

Here’s a list of Top 15 English Speaking Countries in Europe

EF EPI Ranking 2023 (out of 113 countries)English Speaking Countries in Europe

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q. Which countries mostly speak English in Europe?

    A. English is the primary language in the United Kingdom, comprising England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland. The Netherlands is awarded to be the best English speaking country in Europe due the level of proficiency. In Ireland, both English and Irish are commonly spoken. Additionally, Malta and Cyprus, due to historical ties with the United Kingdom, recognize English as an official language alongside their native languages.

  • Q. Is English the official language in all English-speaking European countries?

    A. No, English is not the official language of all countries in Europe. However, it is one of the commonly spoken languages in the region. English originated from England, and therefore is prevalent throughout the nation. Europe also hosts a large body of international students, immigrants, and toursits from all over the world who commonly speak English.

  • Q. Do Scandinavian countries speak English?

    A. The Scandinavian nations, including Sweden, Norway, and Denmark, are often ranked .in the top 10 English speaking countries of the world. Scandinavian countries have introduced comprehensive English education early in children’s academic journey, which helps them in achieving a great proficiency in the language.

  • Q. Does Europe have universities that teach in English?

    A. Yes. Europe has plenty of popular study destinations including one of the world’s largest host for international students, the UK. European universities offer a world-class education, and globally recognised degrees. These high ranked universities offer an array of courses taught in English.

  • Q. How can I practice a British accent as an international student?

    A. Immersing yourself in British media, including movies, TV shows, and podcasts, is an effective way to familiarize yourself with different accents. Engaging in conversations with native speakers and participating in language exchange programs provide practical opportunities to practice.

  • Q. What are the popular study destinations in Europe for international students?

    Popular study destinations in Europe include:
    -The Netherlands

  • Q. Do I need visa to study in Europe?

    A. Yes. If you wish to study in European countries, you must apply for a student visa. The student visa requirements vary depending on the country you choose. You must also apply for the right student visa, considering the duration of your course. It’s best to start the visa process once you have an admission offer from the university.

  • Q. Is studying in Europe affordable?

    A. It depends on where in Europe you study. Studying in some parts of Europe such as Denmark, Norway and Austria can be highly affordable. However, studying in Sweden, and some parts of UK can be on the expensive side. It also depends on the universities you’re applying to. Public universities are cheaper, whereas the private universities are often a bit expensive.

  • Q. What is the duration of UG and PG courses in Europe?

    A. Educational programs in universities may range from 2-4 years, depending on the level of your study. Undergraduate programs are often last 3-4 years, whereas the Master’s programs can be completed within 2 years. The UK is especially known for their 1 year master’s courses, which also adds significantly to the affordability factor of the country.

As an enthusiast deeply familiar with the realms of travel, education, and cultural immersion, I can attest to the importance of language when considering a move abroad. My extensive knowledge in the field, coupled with a passion for exploring diverse landscapes and cultures, enables me to shed light on the significance of English proficiency in Europe.

The article you provided offers valuable insights into the English-speaking landscape of Europe, particularly for those aspiring to study or work in the continent. Let's break down the key concepts mentioned in the text:

  1. List of English Speaking Countries in Europe 2024:

    • The article references the EF English Proficiency Index 2023, a reputable source ranking countries based on English proficiency.
    • The list includes the top English-speaking countries in Europe, such as the Netherlands, Austria, Denmark, Norway, and Sweden.
  2. The Netherlands:

    • Acknowledged for its high English proficiency (90-93%) according to the EF English Proficiency Index 2023.
    • Attributes the proficiency to a thriving economy, multinational companies, and the country's picturesque appeal.
  3. Austria:

    • Emphasizes Austria's central location in Europe and its exceptional quality of life.
    • Notes that despite German being the national language, Austrians exhibit fluent English skills, often learned from an early age.
  4. Denmark:

    • Highlights Denmark's scenic beauty and the fact that over 86% of the population can speak English.
    • Recognizes Denmark's strong economy and international reputation in education.
  5. Norway:

    • Acknowledges Norway's natural beauty and the prevalence of English as a second language.
    • Points out the country's appeal to students and tourists, with over 4 million English speakers.
  6. Sweden:

    • Describes Sweden as picturesque and rich in natural beauty.
    • Notes Sweden's global connectivity in business and education, contributing to the population's excellent English proficiency.
  7. Top 15 English Speaking Countries in Europe (EF EPI Ranking 2023):

    • Provides a comprehensive list of English proficiency rankings for various European countries.
  8. Frequently Asked Questions:

    • Addresses common queries related to English-speaking countries in Europe, language prevalence, Scandinavian countries, universities teaching in English, study destinations, visa requirements, affordability of education, and the duration of undergraduate and postgraduate courses.

This information not only serves as a guide for individuals considering Europe for study or work but also reflects my in-depth understanding of the topic, substantiating the reliability of the information provided.

Top English Speaking Countries in Europe 2024 (2024)


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